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Leadership Coaching


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Our webinars are dynamic, live virtual training events that are run online.  It is simple to connect via a link. 

Using webcams allows everyone to see each other which really helps build rapport. 

Sessions are highly interactive and participants are fully engaged throughout.  We do this via conversation, Q&A and using built-in collaboration tools such as written chat, polling, hand raising, videos, voting, screensharing and breakout groups.  



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PERSONAL LEADERSHIP SKILLS: You as a Leader, Communication for Leaders, Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Being Resilient, Being Assertive and Influencing with Impact


TEAM LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Creating an Extraordinary Team + Motivating Others, Delegating Effectively, Coaching and Developing Others, Courageous Conversations + Handling Conflict Managing and Leading Change

BUSINESS LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Business Planning, Effective Project Management, Managing Meetings, Problem Solving + Decision Making and Finance for Business

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