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Dominique Charles

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Dominique is a Leadership Coach and Facilitator. Dominique loves facilitating new ways of thinking, as well as providing individuals with tools & techniques that will help them affect positive sustainable change. 

As an experienced Executive/Leadership coach (PCC) and facilitator, she adapts her coaching to the specific needs of her clients, builds on their strengths to help them find creative and practical ways to move forwards.  Dominique brings to a session her authenticity, light touch, sense of humour and a wealth of knowledge.   

She favours a culturally sensitive approach to coaching and communication. She loves facilitating new ways of thinking and providing individuals with tools and techniques that will help them affect positive and sustainable change. She has an interest in Positive and Energy Psychology. She has a wide range of skills and uses a variety of techniques including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) during her coaching sessions.  

Dominique is a member of a local singing group and also loves comedy. She volunteers for Riding for the Disabled and over the years, she has enjoyed witnessing children gaining in confidence and developing their social skills while interacting with horses. 

Click Here to view Dominique's qualifications and testimonials.

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