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Refreshing Premium Service Programme


BA North America operates a multi-site operation with a key priority on Customer Service for its Premium Customers. The Customer feedback they were receiving was that 75% of their customers were satisfied with the service provided and 71% of them would recommend the organisation to others. BA wanted to address this gap. 

BA decided to create a dedicated team of Customer Service Agents from within the business that would work with Premium Customers.

We organised observation sessions to take place in the operation to assess the current level of customer service. A workshop was held with employees from all levels of the organisation to discuss the performance issues, explore the Customer Journey and set consistent standards of service delivery.  A recruitment process was developed to recruit people to the Premium Team.


Workshops were developed at two levels, one for managers and one for Premium Team Customer Service Agents each focused on the delivery of Premium Service consistently. The workshops were held at a luxury, 5-star hotel resort so that employees could experience being a Premium Customer.  An On-job Performance system was designed to support the implementation of Premium Service in the workplace, monitor performance and encourage continuous improvement. 



The programme was implemented in in 15 locations across the USA, Canada, South America and the Caribbean. 280 customer service agents were recruited to the Premium Team. 112 Managers/Supervisors and 160 Customer Service Agents attended workshops. The On-Job training process was implemented in the business. Customer feedback results showed overall satisfaction increased from 75% - 81% and likely to recommend BA increased from 71% to 75%.

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