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How To Keep Your Team Focused & Productive during Uncertain Times

Uncertainty is uncomfortable for everyone. As it spreads globally, the coronavirus is creating unique, if not unprecedented, pressures and uncertainty. What should a manager do? How can you keep people focused while also helping them cope with the feelings that uncertainty brings? Below is an article from Harvard Business Review: How to Keep Your Team Focused and Productive During Uncertain Times by Amy Gallo. Although it is not based specifically on the coronavirus, many of the points ring true for things we can do to lead and support our teams through this period. I hope it gives you some thoughts and ideas as you lead through these uncertain times. 1. Take care of yourself first 2. Acknowledge the uncertainty 3. Encourage self-compassion 4. Ask people what they need 5. Focus on what you can control 6. Encourage and model self-care #leadership #yourteam #leadershipdevelopment #employeeengagement#leadershipskills #leadershipinaction


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